What is Minimalism Project?

This brand focuses on men’s fashion line that will be based on monochromatic colors with simple cuts and designs. One of the purpose of having such a simple designs and using mainly monochromatic colors is to create fashion lines that are easily to be mix and match with any other products and could be worn in formal and informal events.

Though he took a Degree from Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telekomunikasi Bandung — which it feels “far off” from the glamorous life of fashion, but his love for it is undeniable. In fact, Erfan often works his magic as a fashion consultant for his friends, both male and female. No wonder, if fashion magazine had become his favorite book since he was a kid.

“It feels really great if you can help people bespoke their way of styling. Especially if they ultimately feel satisfied and come back to ask for more suggestions.”

His strong passion towards fashion become bigger and bigger, so while he is still acting as Public Relation for a luxury beauty brand in Indonesia, he decided to channel his inner designer and create his own clothing line called MINIMALISM. His joy in the world of fashion, plus experience as a PR is two things in a sense enough to create and raise a brand.

Erfan Haryando – Founder